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Dear high-achieving, hard-working, heart-centered lawyer - I know your story.

You got into the legal profession because you wanted to be of genuine service - to make a difference in the lives of the people you care about most. 

But somewhere along the way, life got heavier. Maybe it was because of the late nights and long weekends studying, then working. Or maybe it was because of the buzzing between networking events and chasing the next accolade or achievement (because you were told you should). Or maybe it had something to do with the missed birthday parties and Friday night hangouts with your nearest and dearest as a result of all these responsibilities.

Why do you feel this way if you’re living your dream? Logically it doesn’t make sense, but you know in your heart something’s wrong. 

There must be a way to live out your legal dream and feel great in your life - and you’re determined to find it.

Well, my friend, you’re in the right place. 

Hi there, I’m Dana!

Just like you, I reached a point in my journey when I realized it was time to find a better way.

But instead of turning to others for answers on how to build a life you will absolutely love, it’s time to ask the only person who can answer that question: you. 

When we work together, I’m not interested in giving you answers. I’m here to inspire questions and share methodologies that will lead you to your own answers. Then you’ll be able to honor your new decisions that naturally arise from a deeper connection with yourself. 

Because ultimately, fulfillment, happiness, and peace come from: 

1) journeying inward and connecting with yourself 
2) practicing that connection and acting on your increased levels of self-awareness and self-worth. 

And when you’re fulfilled, happy, and at peace, you can genuinely and effortlessly be of service - and embody the empathetic lawyer and leader you always wanted to be. 

Embodying your connection with yourself will automatically inspire others to connect with themselves and build a life they love. In my view, this is how we will truly change the legal profession for the better.

I’m a 500-HR certified yoga teacher and DC-Licensed trademark lawyer.

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"The Bar Exam Wellness Program was an essential part of my Bar Exam routine."

The Bar Exam Wellness Program was an essential part of my Bar Exam routine. It kept me grounded, relaxed, and positive while studying. I knew the Bar Exam would be extremely stressful for me if I didn't change my mindset about the exam. After seeing Dana's positive messages on Instagram I was convinced I could benefit from being part of the program. Working with Dana helped me feel a lot more calm when preparing for the Bar Exam.

Erin L.

“Dana’s program was really great for anyone who wants to learn more about mindfulness and how to make those practices actually work for them."

She speaks from a place of love and understanding for busy lifestyles as someone who herself lives one (helpful for lawyers and other busy people too!). Great program created by a greater person.


 My favorite part of the program was the private sessions. Dedicating time to wellness during Bar Prep is necessary to avoid complete burnout. I often struggled to set aside that time to do something for myself, so meeting for a private session made it harder to neglect. Dana was very supportive during the program, even outside of our sessions.”

"The Bar Exam Wellness Program was amazing!"


"Dana’s course left me feeling more in tune with myself and empowered."

As a creative entrepreneur, I believe this course could be for any professional - especially those of us in stressful times within our careers - who enjoys the practice of yoga, but also wants to dig deeper into why and how yoga is invaluable to our lives. Dana, a natural soothing guide, gives purpose to the practice.

Jordyn C.