The Yoga & Wellness Shop 

The Yoga & Wellness Shop 

The Calm & Confident Counsel Workbook


Looking to create calm and build confidence in yourself as a lawyer, law student, or JD studying for the Bar Exam? The Calm & Confident Counsel Workbook is for you! Learn about my absolute favorite yoga philosophy framework and enhance your yoga practice and increase calm and confidence in yourself! Let’s grow and live well together.

What's included: 
  • Education on yoga history, philosophy, and concepts to learn and grow more
  • Journaling Prompts based on these concepts to reflect + find clarity
  • Curated Spotify Playlists for your journaling enjoyment
  • Foundations to enhance your physical yoga practice

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The Exam-Ready Wellness Workshop Bundle


For Law Students + Bar Exam Takers!
Law Students and Bar Exam Takers: looking to feel more calm, empowered, relaxed, and confident heading into final exams or the Bar Exam? My Exam-Ready Wellness Workshop Bundle is for you! Learn scientifically-proven strategies to engage your nervous system and create calm in your body. Walk into the exam with confidence knowing you have your own back.

What's included:
  • Short videos with yoga practices on how to mentally and emotionally prepare for your exam
  • Yoga practices for before, during, and after the exam
  • Knowledge about your nervous system and how to stay calm during the exam itself!
  • Workbook where you can collate and refer back to your favorite strategies when you’re practicing before the exam.
  • Bonus meditations!

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The Bar Exam Wellness Course


Interested in the Bar Exam Wellness Program, but need more flexibility or prefer to do the course at your own pace? I got you. Enjoy this course, for you if you want Bar Exam wellness on your own time.

What's included: 
  • 4 Bar Exam Yoga & Wellness Workshops 
  • 4 Workbooks Based on the Bar Exam Yoga & Wellness Workshops
  • Bonus Content (Including The Bar Exam Wellness Journaling Prompts, Applicable Yoga & Meditation Class Library, & Discount on 1:1 Private Yoga & Wellness Sessions Until Your Bar Exam!)

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The Calm & Confident Counsel Course 


Want to do the Calm and Confident Counsel Program on your own time? Totally get it. Enjoy this course, for you if you want to add to your yoga and wellness toolbox and build your own yoga and wellness routine when it works for you.

What's included:
  • 20 Pre-Recorded Lessons
  • 6 Workbooks Based on Weekly Material
  • History, Knowledge, and Context Behind Yoga Practices, Including The Eight Limbs of Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Fascia Yoga, and Yoga Nidra
  • Knowledge of The Science Behind Your Nervous System As Related to Yoga Practice and Brain Waves Related to Sleep
  • Educational Journaling Prompts and Workbook on the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Practical Skills on How To Meditate, Proper Alignment, How To Sequence a Class, Common Poses for Your Home Practice